Iceland: 4 Days In and Around Reykjavik

I was lucky to win some flights to Europe in a work raffle this year which meant we could finally tick Iceland off our bucket list.

Known for its picturesque icy landscapes, the northern lights and the location of many Game of Thrones scenes, Iceland seemed like a once in a lifetime trip and it really lived up to expectations.

We flew from London and arrived at Reykjavik at about lunch time where we got the bus to our apartment in central Reykjavik. It was the easiest process ever and after admiring our gorgeous apartment, which was in the perfect location, we headed out to do some exploring.


The town is packed with quirky record shops like 12 Tonar, clothing brands like 66 north, little chocolate shops and for some reason, a phallological museum. The town is dominated by brightly painted buildings and a massive Hallgrimskirkja church. With eye-watering prices, it’s hard to refrain from spontaneous purchases in this cute little town.


After a little mooch, we headed to attempt a food shop in one of the ‘cheaper’ food stores, Bonus. The store isn’t as easy to navigate around as you may think and I even through a wobbly trying to find milk (turns out even though it’s in a milk carton, it is probably yoghurt). We ventured back and settled in for the night, making use of the Netflix in our room and watching as the streets come alive within the snow.

Day 1 – Snowmobiling and Ice Cave tour


After a very early start and a panic as to where our pick up point was, we headed up to the glaciers on fifty-inch tyres. We admired the gorgeous landscapes on our way up to the mountains and after getting stuck halfway up due to the snow being so heavy, we eventually made it to the cabin at the top.


We got changed into our snowmobile gear and after a quick safety brief, started scooting around the glacier towards the ice cave, only falling off once (which by the way, doesn’t hurt at all despite a whole snowmobile being on top of you – thank you soft snow!)

We climbed down the steps to the magnificent ice cave where frozen ice acted as beams holding it together. it was a pretty impressive sight as the contours of the cave left you in awe. Our tour guide gave us some history before letting us explore the small little area further.


We then headed back on the snowmobiles towards the cabin, greeted by hot chocolate and biscuits before heading back to town. We saw a mild flicker of the Northern Lights on the way back down by the National Park and headed back for some food.

Day 2 – Epal Harpa and The Northern Lights


We spent the day wandering around the coast across to the small snow-capped islands of Engey and Videy and exploring the very impressive Epal Harpa concert hall. The Concert Hall is an architectural masterpiece with a distinctive coloured glass facade inspired by the basalt landscape of Iceland. Its full of odd little things to buy and see and a good place to spend an hour or so just taking in the modern design.


We took in the sights of the church then headed for a scrumptious late valentines day lunch at Apotek. The food was incredible with Iceland staples on the menu like Reindeer and Puffin. I went for a lovely piece of lamb followed by a beautiful strawberry mouse in the shape of a rose and it was by far the best lamb I have ever tasted. Dane went for the weirder stuff like the puffin and so on and we both enjoyed a very tasty coffee each before heading back to prep for a chance to see the Northern Lights.


After a little nap, we got ourselves wrapped up and packed our flasks to head to a well-known viewing spot for the Northern Lights, Grotta Lighthouse. Out of the four nights we were in Iceland, there was only one where the sky was clear enough so we got a cab which cost about twenty quid to the spot and waited for what felt like forever. I played down my expectations – there’s never a guarantee that you’ll see anything, and what you do see can vary hugely. Finally, we got to see the auroras flicker and bend by the mountains. I got a few pictures but I really was so engrossed in taking it all in that I didn’t want to miss a thing. You are so busy absorbing them you forget how numb your toes are, or the fact it’s so late at night and when it is over, you feel so lucky to have been one of the few people to experience it.


Day 3 – Golden circle tour and Blue Lagoon


By far the best day of our trip. We filled up our flasks at seven a.m. and after Dane rushing me out the door because apparently, I had no time for any makeup we scurried into our coach and headed off on our Tour.


Our first stop was Thingvellir National Park which was where they filmed many scenes from Game of Thrones. Thirty miles North East of Reykjavik, Thingvellir National Park is where the parliament of Iceland, the Althing, was founded back in 930, making the Althing the oldest parliament in the world, and Thingvellir a site of real historical significance. We loved seeing the little houses beneath the snow and walking through the crisp landscape, and found ourselves standing in awe of the spectacular view.

Our next stop was the Gulfoss waterfall where for the best views, you have to climb up the strong but slippery staircase to get the best viewing point. This was one of the most incredible parts of the trip as the water roars away beneath fiercely in this magnificent landscape.


We quickly stopped off to feed some Icelandic horses on the way to the Geysirs which was a really cute experience. Our tour guide explained that these are often used for horse riding and farming and I was very close to trying to sneak one in the back of the coach.


We then headed off to see the Geysirs where some burst through the ground every eight minutes which was quite fun, minus the stench of the sulphur before stopping off for a bit of lunch at the cafe.


We then headed to the Kerid Volcanic crater. I think the whole coach was pretty tired by this point so taking a few photos, we headed on route to the blue lagoon.


A lot of people say that the blue lagoon is overpriced and a waste of money but we absolutely loved it. We had a free complimentary drink (strawberry prosecco was a winner) and a face mask and splashed around for hours. It is a very incredible and surreal experience as you bob around in the blue, occasionally kicking a rock and staring at the mountains surrounding you. We didn’t opt for any extras, we were very happy unwinding before the long journey back.


Day 4 – Eating at Brauð & Co. and heading home


We spent our last day grabbing some traditional souvenirs and spending what was left of our wages on some wonderful bakery good at Brauð & Co. This was recommended to us in our apartment and we were not disappointed with the mammoth apple crumble flavoured danish and unlimited fresh coffee.


We then begrudgingly got on our bus to the airport waving goodbye to this incredible place that will always remain in our hearts.


Have you guys been to Reykjavik? What did you get up to?

Seven days Seven favs 05


It has been quite a while since I have dipped into writing one of these posts. Life just gets the better of you sometimes and you can become so busy that sitting down to write can not always be on the top of your to-do list. I really will get back into the habit of writing these pieces though as it’s lovely to look back and reflect on what has been going on that has brought some sunshine to my week.


As some of you may know, I am jetting off to Reykjavik for Valentines this year with Dane after winning some flights at a work raffle. We are so excited about going away and were lucky that we already had a lot of winter gear for the trip. We were told it was more sensible to shop around and book our excursions before we go away so we’ve booked snowmobiling, a trip to the ice caves, a day trip to the golden circle, the blue lagoon and a meal at a restaurant. We can not wait to go and are already counting down the days.


So as it has been snowing outside and I am still without a car, the thought of walking forty-five minutes each day to get to the gym just wasn’t doing it for me this week. So yes, I took the week off and relaxed and jeez do I feel better for slowing down for the week. It really was nice just to not put pressure on myself for the week and just take life in my stride.


I won’t spoil this for those who haven’t seen it but this series had me GRIPPED from the off. It was fast paced and the narrative style of the killer made this show very addictive to watch. I felt very sad about how the series ended but I can not wait to get my teeth into the next one.


I haven’t really been able to cook for my Grandad much since Christmas due to always working around the time he eats so last Friday, we had a little Fajita night at home. It was so nice to see him relish in having a little break from cooking meals for one and enjoy being waited on and put a massive smile on my face.


One of the things I love most about January is how everyone goes into hibernation mode and with the whole trying to spend too much money this month, Dane and I have been trying to do some free things indoors. This means lots of games of Nintendo and Monopoly to unleash our competitive sides. Saves the cash and boredom so win-win!


Our team was rewarded a team lunch for our hard work this week so we splashed out on a little Mexican meal at Lupita East in London. The meal was lovely but sadly, they let us down with messing up my food intolerances which made me very sick. It was still lovely to just get out as a team and unwind for a but with a few cocktails.


My mate Jaz and I always seem to find it hard to meet up but this week, I got on the train and we were texting to and fro when we realized we were on the same train home sitting seats apart. It really had us in fits of laughter and was just lovely to see each other when we were both missing each other so much.

What have you all been up to this week?

Hogmanay 2019 Edinburgh trip

New years eve has always been a bittersweet time of year for me. Letting go of a year gone by and embracing a new one always launches me into a whirlwind of emotions. That said, when Dane asked me if I wanted to go to Scotland for new years I jumped at the opportunity for a winter road trip straight after Christmas.

Bags packed and on a high from another wonderful Christmas with my family, we spent the end of December on a train to London Stanstead. We filled our boots with a tasty Leon before boarding the very short flight to Edinburgh via Ryanair to a Premier Inn just a fifteen-minute bus ride away from the city centre.

We had planned a very small pre-Hogmanay itinerary for our trip as we didn’t want to knacker ourselves out too much before the main event of the Street Party. Here are some of our highlights

Exploring the Christmas Markets


From Hot toddys to hot dogs to ferris wheel rides; The Christmas markets in Edinburgh were a wonderful start to our break. We gorged on cheesy sourdough and drank hot gin and whiskey before weaving our way through the Princes street Gardens to take in the sights and lights. Although the adult rides are quite limited, it was quite easy to entertain yourself in the hustle and bustle of the market.

Eating out at Ryans and Howies

After a day exploring the city and having a mooch around the shops, we were eager to sink our teeth into something tasty and filling. Stereotypically when we are away, we usually tend to try and keep the cost down with pub lunches and one flash meal where we can. Howies resturaunt had a gorgeous interior but was a little on the pricey side so I would opt for a lunch deal to save some pennies. The pickled peach salad was divine and the decor was easy on the eye too.

Ryan’s bar was one of my favourite places to eat in Edinburgh not only for its great value for money but by far being one of the most decent portion sizes of our trip. The Haggis was peppery and fragrant and the neeps and tatties refreshing in contrast. This local hot spot was very homely too with its warm and rustic decor.

Taking in panoramic views of at Calton Hill

Processed with VSCO with kp8 preset

Aside from Howies being in very close proximity, Calton Hill was a great way to kill a few hours on the cheap and a must see. Climbing up the hill, we took in the panoramic skyline of Edinburgh which was pretty cool to see how incredible the city looked as a whole. We took it the views of Arthurs seat and the unfinished acropolis and the intimidating Roman monuments darted around us.

Camera Obscura

An absolute must if you’re going to Edinburgh. I missed out on this last time we visited Scotland but was keen to pay the optical illusions a visit this time. We loved messing around with mirrors that made us look like our heads were floating and weird angles that made us looked like giants. It was also amazing to be treated to a rooftop view at the end of our tour. The only downer was ‘the vortex’ which left us feeling sick for about twenty minutes as our eyes felt like they were in the back of our heads!

Torchlight Procession

Feel like embracing your inner Viking and wandering the streets with a big fire stick? Then the torchlight festival is your calling. After a fair amount of time queuing, we walked the streets of Edinburgh with our lanterns for the Torchlight Procession. Bagpipes were blaring as 20,000 people marched towards the finishing line where bands played and fireworks soared into the cloak of the night sky. It was a very unusual but picturesque experience and we really enjoyed embracing our inner warriors.

Street Party with Johnnie Walker

From live bands to street performers, what better way to see in the new year than the Street party? As we entered, we were given a complimentary bottle of Johnnie Walker which we knocked back fast. Sadly, we couldn’t get much alcohol in the event as they didn’t take a debit card at the bars but we were lucky with a few of the food stalls. The pizza was a dreamboat and reminded me of the ones we had in Rome. Although crammed, our highlight was the fireworks which went on for ages at midnight. Our only low point was the lack of signposting to the disabled toilets which was more of a pain than anything else!

Have any of you guys been to Hogmanay? What were your highlights?


August and September catch up

Hello you lovely lot, I am BACK! Sorry for being a little bit of a ghost but, the truth is, I have been so so busy enjoying myself that I haven’t had a chance to check in with a post in a little while.

August and September have seemed to just whizz by and with spending half of October in bed with a chest infection (I know, get the violins out) I don’t think I have really had a chance to make the most out of October. Here is a little recap on what I have been up to.

Our Cheddar Woods Escape

If you haven’t seen my post about my recent holiday, Dane and I went to Cheddar Woods Resort and Spa for a little go-active holiday. We ate as many cakes and cheese as we could stomach then burned it all off with cliffside walks and rock climbing. You can see more about our little getaway here.

Celebrating my Mums Birthday

After treating mum to a hair appointment at Roseman Hairdressing, I took my wonderful mum out for her birthday this year to Rico Sabor in Gravesend. The food is quite nice for the area and not too pricey. I went for Prawn Fajitas as they were the only thing Fodmap friendly for me and the portion size was huge. There are not many options in Gravesend for good food but Rico is definitely one of the better places in the area, second to Caesars.

Going to a few gigs

Dane hasn’t been to many gigs so I decided to book us both in for a few little concerts. I took Dane to see Rita Ora and Craig David on 1 September in Maidstone where we drank about a litre of Pimms each and we went to see Pale Waves at the Rough trade, Brick lane a few days after we got back from our Cheddar holiday.

Eating my weight in chocolate at Cadbury World

Danes Sister and her girlfriend were eager for a road trip to Birmingham so we all set off for a day exploring Cadbury World. There was no chocolate river but we gorged ourselves on free chocolate the whole way round! My favorite part of the journey learning about the history of Cadburys and the ethos of the Cadbury family. It is mainly for kids but is an excellent thing to do if you are in the area.

Saying Ciao to my best friend

It was a very bittersweet moment when my best friend told me he was moving to Scotland. I was so excited for him to do something so exciting but at the same time, knowing he won’t only going to be up the road when I had a bad day really got me down. I wished him and his lady a very fond farewell and hope to visit them by New Years when we go up to Scotland for Hogmanay.

Paintballing with my pals

A few of us got together for a paintball fight in Canterbury, Aside from some slight foul play, I actually really enjoyed it. Normally I am a wimp with these things but I realised, aside from being shot in the head about three times, layering up properly really helps!

Woodland walks in Blean

I have realised after being in bed for the better half of October that, If I am stuck indoors all day on a Sunny day I just get fed up and turn a bit ratty. After seeing a lot of my pals getting out Pumpkin picking, I was getting the woodland blues so Dane and I went on a stroll through Blean Woods. It was actually really beautiful and after walking the 2.8 Mile walk, we didn’t want to go home and went round again. I really suggest if you are in Canterbury to check this out, its free and definitely a great place for an autumn stroll.

I also spent quite a bit of cash this month on a night out, having dinner out a fair few times and with October in mid-swing, I think it is time to just slow down a little bit and save the pennies up for Christmas. I aim to get a car by early next year too and we have a little trip to Scotland for new years.

What about you guys? What are your plans for winter?

A GO-ACTIVE Break in Cheddar


Cheddar Gorge is an adorable little village tucked away in the fields of Somerset and surrounded by these majestic cliffs cocooning this sweet little village. Dane and I were eager to get to this little retreat for a relaxing break, but not just for the scenic views of the hills and the walks. We wanted to get hands-on with rock climbing and caving and try and have a well rounded holiday where we could stuff our faces with cream teas and not feel too bad about shaking off a food coma the next day.

After a very picturesque four hour drive (and a few cheeky coffee stops) from Kent, we arrived at the beautiful Cheddar Woods Resort and Spa, situated really close to the spectacular Cheddar Cliffs. This location was perfect for getting out and about in Somerset with a farm shop on site, a local pub nearby and a Sainsbury’s not too far away. There was also a very cute little fruit stall opposite the site entrance which offered the juiciest strawberries I have ever eaten in my life.


After checking in with a complimentary Prosecco, we were welcomed into the Axbridge Lodge, a spacious lodge with a gorgeous Modern colour scheme. The one thing that stood out for us; aside from the attention to detail with the amenities like providing us with washing up liquid and sponges etc; but just how clean the lodge was. The staff were really thoughtful and put up balloons and a bottle of wine out for our arrival to mark the occasion.

The facilities on site are pretty standard. The gym offered basic equipment but perfect for maintaining when you’re away, the spa offered a range of treatments and there is even a chance to play Poole and Bowling on site. There is also a restaurant but we just enjoyed cooking our meals most nights. There is a swimming pool which is great if you want to get up at 9am for an adults-only swim. Otherwise, prepare to be suffocated by armbands and splashed by waves of children learning to swim. The venue caters to families but as a couple, it was hard to enjoy a swim sesh with so many children around.

Processed with VSCO with av4 preset 959f7708-4cc5-432f-bcc9-1ef528c9d23a Processed with VSCO with av4 preset

We were very lucky with the weather and spent most nights sitting on our balcony eating our dinner until bees would chase us down and wed both run like lunatics back to the sanctuary of the sofa. The lodges have Netflix and Wifi which is great if you do not fancy going to the pub or playing games of an evening. Unless you are willing to travel into Bristol or Weston Supermare, there isn’t much to do of an evening as everything closes pretty early so this little amenity really went down a treat for us.

We booked a few activities on site with our favorite being the Target morning which consisted of Archery and shooting rifles. I clearly do not take after my military family for shooting with my rifles hitting nothing but the back of the net 90% of the time.


If you’re a bit of a foodie like we are, you’ll love the tasty treats from the Cheddar Village. From cream tea shops on every corner, hot mulled cider from the cider shop, the cheese factory, and year-round food festivals, it’s no wonder the pair of us ended up in the gym most days. We cooked a lot at home but enjoyed most of the food we ate when we were out and about. I would advise against ‘The Mousehole cafe’ though as we found the portions large but very bland.

There are also loads of roadside foods you can buy. I know we are taught as kids not to take candy from strangers but, I shamefully admit to buying honey off the corner and some fruit from some stalls. Its a very strange concept but we were fine and ate some incredible things.

It’s not all food and relaxing though. Our main reason for wanting to explore Cheddar was the wide range of outdoorsy activities available to us in the area. We spent our time hiking, going on long walks up the cliffs and Jacobs ladder, rock climbing up the cliffside and Dane even done a free fall within the Caves itself.


We also took part in mini-golf, took part in some country sightseeing such as Stone-Henge and explored the surrounding villages.

All in all, Cheddar is a lovely cute little place to explore and I would highly recommend a visit to anyone who wants the perfect balance between activities and relaxation in the UK.

How to eat out with IBS

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If you are reading this post I can only guess you are either curious about IBS or just fed up of living with a condition that dictates what you can and can’t eat. I have found that the most difficult part of this condition is eating out with various food intolerances (what do you mean you can’t eat onions or garlic? this is a Mexican?!) So here’s my little list on getting something tasty down you without flaring up.

Know your triggers

If you are just starting out on the FODMAP diet or are early into your diagnosis, it may be hard to know just what you can and can not eat. to play it safe, I would strongly suggest trying to avoid high FODMAP foods when you first start going out. As time goes on throughout the FODMAP process, you’ll begin to know what you can and can not eat making it easier to eat more ‘exciting’ foods as time goes by.


I think everyone has their own pre-big meal prep in some form. If you are on medication such as probiotics etc, it is important to continue taking your pre or post-meal medication on time. I find it useful to have peppermint tea before a meal, almost to soothe my stomach in case of a flare-up. I also do this after a meal to help aid the digestion process.

If you feel anxious, you may find completing some relaxation techniques useful before venturing out.

Map out a plan

When entering the restaurant, it is best to create a plan should a flare-up happen on your visit. I find it best to plan my transportation home prior to arriving. (I once had to leave my friends’ wedding reception early due to a delicious creamy pasta-eek).

It is also useful to map out any toilets on arrival. If you are a bit anxious to ask, you can download the Public Toilet Map App to help you find one with ease.

Don’t be embarrassed

One of the worst factors for a flare-up is stress and if you are nervous that your colleagues are going to take the mick out of you for being cautious then it may cause some sort of flare. Relax, be bold, and tell your server to leave that gluten the hell out of your food. Restaurants are used to customers with allergies and intolerances and usually can whip something more suitable.

If however, you are still a little nervous, you can subtly show the server one of these cards from dietary card to let them know early on without feeling so anxious.

Research before 

It may seem a bit silly going for an ‘Indian’ when you can’t handle spices but, a little internet search or a phone call to the restaurant prior to your visit can make you feel more accommodated with the options available. Most culinary cuisines enjoy making their customers feel comfortable so will appreciate the heads up to ensure they can make your experience less restricting.

Try to avoid certain items

Particularly the following:

  • Large food portions
  • Rich, creamy, fatty, buttery foods
  • Deep-fried foods
  • Some fruits and vegetables, including onions, dried fruits, beans, garlic, and bananas
  • Gassy foods

Most of all, just try and enjoy yourself!

You’re there to enjoy the treat of not cooking, HOORAY! So relax and just focus on spending time with your companions and enjoy yourself! You go through many stressful situations with IBS — a nice dinner out shouldn’t be one of them. Just think carefully about what to order and let yourself have a good time.

Celebrating turning 26 in the summer


This year, I was quite down in the dumps at no longer being in the ‘early twenties’ mark so I thought the best way to take my mind off it was to keep myself busy. I was lucky to have so many people who wanted to share my birthday with me this year and make me feel like a spoilt brat. Here is what I got up to on my birthday week…

10 July – A family day out at Broadstairs

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I spent my actual birthday eating fish and chips and drinking snakebite by the seafront with my family and it was such a wonderful day. We went by train and spent the first part of our day just exploring the side streets before heading down to Viking bay where we walked along the seafront.

IMG_9414 Processed with VSCO with av4 preset Processed with VSCO with av4 preset

It was such a warm day so we took off our shoes and went for a paddle in the sea. It was just nice sharing my day with the people I love and seeing them all happy together.

13 July – An incredible six-course meal at Picture, Marylebone

Dane splashed out on a lovely six-course meal at Picture in Marylebone, London. I asked him not to go mad but he never listens (pretends to not enjoy it but embraces inner princess ;D ) The team were great with my intolerances and let me switch up a few things from the menu and each course, although small, was bursting with flavor. The chefs worked together for many years within Michelin-starred restaurants before opening their Picture chain and the proof is in the pudding. It was lovely to share our special occasion there and I will be hoping to visit again soon.

14 July – Bottomless Brunch at The Blues Kitchen, Shoreditch

One of my best friends Jaz couldn’t make my birthday drinks so decided to get me very drunk very early in the afternoon at The Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch. We drank unlimited mimosas and proseccos, filling our boots in our two-hour slot and spent our time non stop laughing. The venue is really cool with singing legends on the walls and old school toilets, however, we were a little let down by the bland food.

My evening finished with old faces and big smiles just in my local town drinking meaning a very early morning finish and a very painful hangover for some of us!

15 July- A pub lunch at The Three Daws, Gravesend

Okay so with a few of us nursing hangovers from the night before we wanted to curb our hunger somewhere local. Gravesend is not famous for eateries but there are a few little local joints where you are usually guaranteed some yummy wholesome food. The Three Daws Riverside Inn has a broad menu all including local produce and you can enjoy relaxing by the prom with a lovely meal and a pint on a hot summers day.

So yes, that includes my little birthday week. I was spoilt rotten and blessed to have such incredible people around me. What have you guys been up to?

Seven days Seven favs 04

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend in the sunshine. I don’t know about you guys, but I genuinely can not remember a summer like this in the UK since I was a little girl. The beginning of my week was a bit rubbish having a little bit of a virus but I quickly got back to feeling right as rain again. Heres what I have been up to…


Prior to my virus Dane and I spent a beautiful day at a very quiet beach in Broadstairs called Kingsgate bay. We packed a bag full of picnic food and pink lemonade and perked our bums on the sand to watch the world go by. It was beautiful to watch the crashing of the waves on the bay and feel the soft sand between our toes and I felt this instant wave of relief and happiness being by the sea.


I’ll admit it, I really did not think England would get this far. Even when I pulled out their name in my work sweepstake I was a bit pessimistic but oh boy, are they doing better than I thought. To top it off the game on Tuesday was really intense and Dane and me were watching the show behind our hands when it got to the penalties. I can’t wait for this Wednesday’s game as we enter the semi finals ahhh!


Now I am usually very much a savoury type of gal but with weather this good, a little treat of something sugary and creamy can go down a treat. In Gravesend there is a dessert parlour called treatz which serves giant waffles, pancakes, the whole shebang and Dane and I treated ourselves to some very oversized sundaes over the weekend. I opted for a strawberry cheesecake ice cream and Dane git some tropical concoction and lets just say, I couldn’t eat dinner that night…


I haven’t seen Jes in what feels like forever so we headed to the Cricketers inn in Meopham for a little catch up. It was perfect with the sunshine beaming and a lovely tasty lunch (we both opted for a ploughman’s which basically came out on a trough). The food and beer garden is really adorable and it was lovely to have a life catchup with my friend and waffle about old times.


I am not a massive Marvel fan but after getting into Guardians and Thor, I have started revisiting some of my childhood favourites. Last year i watched the Defenders on Netflix and really enjoyed watching this fearless bulletproof protector of Harlem. The last series of Luke Cage was really intense and season 2 is so much more gritty and dark. The new villain, The Bushmaster is quite creepy and frightening too. I would strongly recommend giving this series a try, even if super heroes are not really your thing.


I may live with my  Grandad but it is very rare we get some ‘quality time’ together and it was lovely just helping him with the gardening and talking to him about all his little garden projects over the weekend. My Grandad is the type of man who is always preoccupied and I loved helping him work on his new little projects.


This may be quite surprising to those who know me as I am usually always enjoying and babbling on about how therapeutic I find the gym. This week however I had to force myself to take the week off where I was feeling poorly and I think it has done my body a bit of good. I will need to get back in there this week leading up to my birthday plans but it was nice to just take a step back and enjoy life for a change.

So how about you guys? Hows your week been?

Seven Days Seven favs 03

Hey everyone! So I finally seem to have got back into the swing of things after my lovely little break. In order to not let the holiday blues get to me too much, I have been very busy this week to take my mind off things. Heres what I have been up to over the last week and a bit


As I was working on Fathers day, it was quite hard to fit in seeing my dad. Luckily, I got home in time to see him last week for a few hours and it was just nice to get some quality time with my pops to relax and have a natter.


Okay, I confess, Lou and I have got into a bit of a ‘pub garden Friday’ phase where we just want an excuse for a cheeky Gin every now and then. It is very hard to fit time together with our shifts but whenever we do, the Hendricks seems to just flow. We had a lovely day in the sunshine last Friday just eating a lovely pub lunch and soaking up the rays and making plans.


I hadn’t seen my cousin Jamie in ages so my brother and popped to Bluewater to see him and the new Jurassic Park film – lost world. The film was everything I expected it to be and more and I loved that they had Jeff Goldblum from the original in it making us all relive our childhoods watching the tapes around our nan’s house together.


Dads dad is lucky enough to live in Bushey Heath which is a beautiful place for eateries and little delis. If I lived there I would definitely be out of pocket and reaching for a very large pair of jeans. We went to Blue Check, a wonderful restaurant in the heath which does incredible food at a very decent price. They also make everything fresh so my intolerances were not an issue and I ate like a queen.



As it was my brothers birthday, he really wanted to head to the British Museum. These sorts of trips aren’t usually my thing but surprisingly, I really enjoyed myself learning all about Egyptians and the Roman take over. The museum is very large so it took us nearly all day to see everything. The food is really overpriced there but ten, the museum is free after all? A really informative day out if you want to do something for free in the city.


Ah, the week before payday. This, of course, means Dane and me decided to have a day at home together just eating naughty things and catching up on the new series of Luke Cage. We were both really tired after a stressful week so it was lovely just to spend some downtime together.


After polishing off a whopping ten books on my recent holiday, I really have developed my hunger for reading again. I have recently read ‘The Chalk man’ by  C J Tudor and Andrew Scott and ‘Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine’ by Gail Honeyman and I am excited to get stuck into the new Russell Brand book, ‘Recovery’. It definitely breaks up the commute and I am currently a sponge for reading.

So how about you guys? Hows your week been?




A relaxing budget break in Icmeler, Turkey

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Last week I touched down at London Gatwick after a very VERY relaxing week in Icmeler, Turkey. This lovely relaxing feeling has lasted all the way through to today at work where all the windows are open and the sun peers through at me from the city skylines.

I think a holiday was definitely overdue and for a last-minute budget holiday, we didn’t really know where to go so we stayed safe with Icmeler in Turkey, snabbin’ a last-minute deal with Tui to The Marti Resort Deluxe.

Now usually a holiday to me means a week of non-stop trekking and exploring my surroundings, being a sponge to the environment around me and trying to cram in as much as I can during the trip. The issue with having this approach is that you never really take the time to unwind and relax properly. That, however, was what this holiday was about, combined with spending as little money as possible (I actually only spent £100 from the airport to fly home – result).

The destination itself was pretty cute. Icmeler is quite small with beautiful seascape views with a beach that is both shingle and sandy. The hotel beaches are quite packed with Marti’s hotel beach being quite smothered with sun loungers. The better beaches are a little further down the bay which will cost you a meal at the accompanying restaurant or £14 worth of cocktails, however, if you don’t want seashells between your toes, it’s a good excuse for a mojito or two.

Aside from beautiful beaches and flowers accompanying you around, the town of Icmeler has a variety of bars, ice cream and waffle houses and lots of kiosks to book excursions. There are a variety of water sports and excursions available which I have done in the past such as Jeep Safari which is exploring Turkey on a mountain-esqe beachy trek and of course, the mud baths which, although smelling like death, actually make your skin pretty spot-free for a few days. There is also a variety of spa treatments bookable down the strip and in the hotels. From my experience, it is best to haggle a deal as they really rely on tourists in this area so can upsell a lot of the time.

The town is however VERY touristy with fake handbags on every corner. The town is hassle-free compared to its neighbor Marmaris where you are basically being harassed constantly to buy a wonky Gucci top for about £20.

Our hotel food was pretty awful. The selection was incredible but the food all had a muddy, unseasoned, bland taste which often meant that Dane and I ate out a few times at the restaurants down the beach front which was 100x better. We ate salads, chicken wraps and drank mocktails from the neighboring shops and we got a free melon or ice cream every place we visited along with access to their sandier beaches which was lovely.

Our hotel as a whole could have done with a little updating to the interior but the outside pools, the gym and spa and drinks, and entertainment were pretty decent. The staff however often come across a little aggressive and unhelpful, especially during dinner service where we were often waiting half an hour for a water or cutlery after reiterating our requests. The Wifi was pretty pants too like come on guys, it’s 2018!

Getting around is easy with buses cheap an easily available (very squished for those who haven’t been to Turkey before) and getting to Marmaris is just around £3 on the boat taxi at the seafront.

Overall, Icmeler was a lovely break for Dane and me. We began to relax, got some tans, worked on our fitness and ate many weird and wonderful drinks and snacks. It was lovely to get some quality time together.

If you are looking for a budget relaxing holiday break where you can sip a little summin’ summin’ by the poolside in a relaxed and quiet environment then pop to Icmeler for a little TLC.


A little May catch up

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Hello, my lovely readers! I know I have been a little bit of a ghost recently and the truth is, I have just been so busy it has been hard to touch base and get back to writing some engaging content. So without further ado, here’s what I have been up to over the last few weeks.


Where our department works later hours than the other teams at work we barely get to touch base properly with each other. To celebrate our efforts and hard work, the company agreed to treat us for a little tapas lunch. My manager booked us in at Camino Tapas – Monument and we all enjoyed a lush meal together. I was also pleased how much care they put into ensuring my food intolerances were addressed so I didn’t feel too left out.


I have been trying to save as much money as possible lately and after a Debenhams voucher popped through in the post I felt it was time to replace my very old ‘They’re Real’ Benefit mascara with the new ‘Bad Gal Bang’. The new mascara really makes your eyes pop so much more than the ‘They’re Real’ and I have definitely converted.


Last weekend was quite exciting with the Royal wedding in full swing. My family and I all gathered around the tele to watch the pair get hitched. It was really lovely seeing Windsor all done up nice and I really hope to pay Windsor a visit soon.


I think one of my favorite things about May, other than the obvious jolt in temperature,  is that we are sandwiched between two bank holidays. I feel like it breaks up the summer months that little bit more with an extra day off in between and I really enjoyed having that extra lay-in and a day off on Sunday.


With a holiday lined up in Turkey next week, I felt it was time to top up my tan a little in the garden. It was nice to finally get a chance to chill in the sun and get a decent amount of time with Dane instead of watching the sunset from my window at work for a change and I may have gone just a little bit mad with the ice creams…Let’s hope I can still fit into the bikini by the time I fly.


We celebrated Danes mums birthday at this gorgeous place in Wingham near Canterbury over the weekend. The Dog was recently voted in the best Pub in Kent and it really is an absolutely gorgeous pub. Its clean and chic design compliments the crisp and stylish tone of the menu. Although a little bit pricey, every bite of my Applewood dumplings (made Fodmap friendly for me) was worth every penny. I strongly recommend to anyone in the Canterbury and Whitstable area to pop down here when you have a chance as this is one of the best places I have eaten in a very long time.


I swear I must have mug written on my head every time I spend quality time with my mum as I always end up out of pocket but I wouldn’t change it for the world. We popped to Oxford street on Friday and bought ourselves some lovely little summary bits. It was nice to spend some quality time with her as I don’t seem to get enough time nowadays.


I usually spend Fridays with my family as most of my friends work that day and last Friday I popped to Dartford with my granddad to do some curtain shopping. It was lovely spending some time just designing the house and we even popped to Matalan after for a bit of shopping.


So recently I have been trying to do box-jumps in the gym. Not only does it scare the S*** out of me, it also is VERY hard. Callum in the gym has been coaching me to get better and I must admit, I have had an absolute blast trying to achieve these goals and last week I finally managed to jump up to the top jump of the box. Its still a work in progress but I am so pleased that progress is being made. Crossfit championship here I come!

Phew! What a few weeks it has been. What have you guys been up to lately?

Seven days seven favourites 02

Wow, what a lovely week for the weather aye? I hope you all got a chance to enjoy the sunshine and the bank holiday in style. I have really loved my busy weekend in the sunshine so without further ado, here are my favorites from this week.


Every year Rochester holds a festival celebrating the chimney sweeps putting down their tools for the day and having some fun. The festival usually lasts around three days and the streets are filled with morris dancers and performances. The castle gardens turn into a mini-festival filed with food, different drinks, face-painting, live bands and funfair rides. Dane and I headed down to Rochester on Saturday and filled our tummies with Pimms, strawberries, and treats and chilled in the sunshine. Dane also bought me a little kent pink gin to take home which I can’t wait to crack open.


I wanted to get Grandad out of the house this week so on Friday I took him to town for a little bit of retail therapy. We stopped off at our local tea room to enjoy a lovely brew in the sunshine. Marie’s tea room offers a wide range of herbal tea’s and different coffees and treats to curb any craving. Its a lovely cute little set up with a post box in the middle and really cute for a little brew in the sunshine. I had a blueberry pancake tea this time and I hope to tick them all off my list someday.


I mean where do I start? This thriller is the first one I have watched in a long time that has left me gripped and engrossed in the screen. Usually, during films, I get fidgety and have to bug whoever I am with but Dane and I were really engrossed with this one and actually didn’t speak at all. For any of you who haven’t seen this yet, its a must see for that heart racing jumping out of seat feeling.


Louise came round on Friday just for a little unwind at mine and we just chatted and played Sims until around three am. We don’t get to see each other often but when we do we can’t seem to stop nattering. Louise also bought me a St Christopher to cheer me up about losing my nans one in Scotland and I had to hold back tears. I was so beyond grateful and it is times like this I feel so lucky to have such amazing friends in my life.


On Sunday between Sunbathing and complaining about going to work on Monday, Dane and I spent the day in the garden. I did a mini HIIT workout then we both just played tennis together. I mean, I’m no Tim Murray but it was great just to have that extra day off to spend some time together.

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I mean this book isn’t one of the best I have read but it was still nice to get to grips with this book. There are so many twists and turns but for me, some of them just seemed a bit too daft for me. Great for those in need of a little holiday read but I wasn’t overly keen on the dramatics of this one. It was just nice to get into a little book and appreciate the simpler things in life.

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I recently signed up for the Healthspan app to log my workout and calories and to my surprise, they offer a free protein and vitamin sample. Sadly my tummy did not get on with the protein shake with my illness but the multivitamin and electrolyte power has got me through some tough workouts this week.

So that’s my little busy week, what have you guys been up to this bank holiday?Processed with VSCO with a1 preset

Why I am trying to care less about my weight

As I am writing this I am halfway through a two-person serving of trifle and you know what? I genuinely don’t care and that is a pretty big deal for me.

Tonight I originally planned to go to the gym but after a wave of exhaustion flowed through me coming home I decided to ditch my HIIT workout for a lil date with some trifle. Do I feel better for it? Absolutely.

See, I have spent the best part of my life struggling with my weight. From the yo-yo dieting, the eating disorders, the working out three times a day seven days a week and even waist training (which by the way really doesn’t do anything at all). I have been every size from a size 8 to a size 20 and now I rest between a size 10-12 depending on how hard I train each month. Although I have now developed a much more sensible and realistic routine when it comes to working out, I have developed a much more relaxed approach to exercising and eating in general.


Now don’t get me wrong, I love exercising. I find it not only calms me when I am having a bit of a self-deprecating, grumpy episode but that I also love getting stronger and seeing results. This year, however, I decided to change my attitude towards exercising by not going seven days a week but instead four varied sessions throughout the course of the week.

Some of you are probably thinking, ‘that’s still a good amount of exercise Sheree, why are you making a big deal out of it?’ Well, the thing is, It is a big deal. I have a terrible obsession within me that has only started to give as I have gotten older and realised how important it is to use your time in a way that makes you happy as it really is short. Making memories with my friends and family one night a week can take priority over exercising any day. I wanted to dedicate my energy I would usually spend working out night and day in the gym to my family and career and I feel so much better for it.

I have also started to have a much healthier approach to my nutrition too after my IBS was at its worse last year after years of eating disorders. My intolerances became so sensitive I went through a phase of basically living off rice cakes. After much support from my family, boyfriend and pals eventually I went back to eating meat and looking at nutrition as a whole and I genuinely feel the best in my stomach in years by giving it what it wants every now and then be it a slice of carrot cake or a big old steak (unseasoned though, I mean I am not a psycho).

So yes, a weekend binge on a trifle makes me happy and you know what, life is too short to spend it sweating in the gym every day. I may not be able to get back into my size 8 tops but when I look back on life, I can say I have lived it by putting my energy into the things that count.

Seven days – Seven favourites 01

Is anyone else completely buzzing for the summer? I genuinely woke up at 8 o’clock on Thursday morning and I felt like I had just stepped out of a cocoon for the first time. I skipped the gym for a nice little walk in the sunshine and a cheeky pop to Primark for some cheery cheap espadrilles and jumped on my commute to work grinning from ear to ear.

The sunshine has given me an epic week out of the house and I am already dreading the predicted gales next week, so here’s a little reflection on this week’s sunny favorites.


On Friday I FINALLY got my hair dyed a nice warmer brown. I was so fed up with the in-between blondey-brown-green color that was shining through my hair and my nitty bitty ends so booked an appointment with my pal Yasmin at Roseman Hairdressing in Gravesend. Yasmin is a whizz with color correction and is incredibly creative and she has even got me tempted to go back to my blonde routes again soon.


After getting my hair done I was eager to get out in the sunshine and was lucky that I had made plans with one of my gal pals for a drink. We had a few gins and sat in the sunshine just gas-bagging about life with our slightly sun-kissed skin. It was divine and I am definitely looking forward to more beer gardens this summer.


Pretty gross this one but about a year ago I had my *gulps* large toenails removed. I know it was creepy and weird BUT it needed to be done and was one of my many things on my list of medical things I needed to get round to. They were causing too much pain when I was running in the gym and looked like witch feet so I got them removed, couldn’t really exercise and got chubby again. They started growing back and now look really weird so I had a podiatrist look at them to make them look a bit prettier for flip-flop weather. I mean, I will never be a foot model and he did say I will probably need them removed again but I just CBA to get chubby and wear a bandage again but they feel SO MUCH BETTER so I am pretty happy with them for now.


Saturday was date day and despite having to get up super early to get to Maidstone I was so excited to meet some little goats! Dane took me to Kent Life in Maidstone to have a little farm day. We packed our picnic backpack with lots of antipasti, salad and little pots of jellies and we spent our day feeding shetlands and baby goats and running away from Bees and it was glorious. Dane really spoiled us both with the picnic and animal feed and we couldn’t believe how cute piglets are before they turn into massive pigs.



Of course, this would be on here, I mean did anyone not get an ice cream this week? I am normally so strict with my FODMAP diet and healthy eating but it was so nice just sitting in the garden and letting loose with strawberry splits and embracing the sunshine. I can not wait for Summer and just drinking Pimms and having BBQ’s. It really is the best time of year.


On Tuesday night I spent my evening with some candles and exfoliators to really boost myself up a bit. Living a busy lifestyle I find it really hard to make the time for myself and look after my hair and skin so my evening was spent deep conditioning, cleansing and doing my nails. I think it is important to look after yourself and I am all about that skincare.


I really don’t have the dollar to waste at the moment but this week I experienced the terrible lump in my throat moment when my Mac Pro Concealer pumped its last pump. Realising I had to stock up on the essentials and not wanting to break the bank, I decided to opt for a much cheaper concealer. Lucky for me my youtube stalking has highlighter the new Revolution range and I got my mitts on the Conceal & Define concealer. unlucky for my bank account there was a 3 for 2 in Superdrug so I came out with some other goodies from the range too.

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What about you guys? How has your week been?

Written in the stars: Stargazing thoughts

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Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by astrology. My mother used to always read me the stars in the paper each week and I would always want to know more about star signs and traits. My family are very spiritual and have had some incredible and exciting experiences.

Around Christmas time I received a book called ‘What We See in the Stars’ by Kelsey Oseid. As a starlight enthusiast, I was eager to get my teeth into this beautifully illustrated guide to the history and myths behind the constellations and so on. The illustrations in this book are gorgeous and really transport you into space with each flicker of the page.

Grabbing this and the Night Sky app I was buzzing to get outside and start star searching. Looking around trying to see what was above me. I haven’t been stargazing since me and my friend Mike ran around one evening chasing shooting stars that never appeared!

Looking up at the sky’s blanket reminds me of how small we are in this very large world. When you truly get lost in those stars it can do all sorts of things to the emotions. I always up overthinking, panicking about how much I want to achieve in life.

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For me, I end up going from driven to frustrated very fast, setting myself goals and targets I want to achieve and then end up beating myself up if I do not reach them by a certain time frame. There is that little, whiney voice asking if I am not doing the right thing all the time but slowly, I am learning to shut it out.

I guess in life you need to follow your gut in most situations. Mine is telling me to pull through this step in my career and to focus heavily on using what little free time I have to be productive and keep my head stuck in those stars!

How about you guys? Where are your focuses at the moment?





Seven Days – Seven favourites

The weekend is fast approaching once again but this week, I feel kind of refreshed. I think that is a lot to do with having my first Sunday off in a long time which I spent with family and Dane.

With pay-day just around the corner, I guess it is time to start planning this months bank holiday plans. I have not been working in newspapers for long but I am already aware it is very rare for us to get a bank holiday off so I do not want to waste it.

My week has been pretty full on, to say the least, and I thought I would give you guys a little weekly round-up to let you know what I have been up to. Without further ado, here’s my summary of this week’s favorites;


So this week, my best friend is going on holiday (lucky for some). Did she invite me along to her nice hot week away? Of course, she didn’t, she left me with her brother’s turtle to look after. I am loving having a bit of company at home and watching him paddle around the tank. He is so excitable which I am actually very surprised at because I don’t know, I guess I thought that he would be all mopey. Can I steal him now, please?

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With an extra evening off this weekend, Dane decided to teach me how to play poker. I think card games are great for those grizzly days indoors and it was lovely to just ‘be’ together with no stresses and phones pinging off every five minutes.


My uncle turned 56 this week and my mum, brother and I decided to take him out for a game of bowling and a roast. My uncle has mental health problems so finds socializing very difficult so to see him get out of the house and really have a good time was the best feeling. I also got the chance to enjoy a whopping Yorkshire pudding wrap which would have been pretty amazing if they had some Fodmap gravy *cries* I know I know first world problems right? JUST LOOK AT IT ❤ ❤

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Nothing beats a nice home cooked meal and when you work weird hours like me, it is very rare you get a chance to sit down with those you love and enjoy this comforts. I usually eat all my meals whilst I am at work (12-8) so with some extra time this week I managed to cook some lovely Fodmap pies and broths for Dane and me.


Just wow, what a series! I am a sucker for some crime drama but I loved how this story played out. Lennie James is fantastic as usual and plays a loveable ‘Jack the lad’ character whose daughter disappears. With twists and turns, the series takes you on an emotional roller coaster from the get-go. A very gripping watch and is definitely worth a good old series binge.


So I have been wanting these lil baby’s for a few years now but, I don’t know, I just didn’t know if they were going to be too bulky. At seventy-five pound a pop as well, you need to be 100% about your purchase. I have been wearing dr martens ever since I was little but this type is a very bold look but I thought, considering I mainly wear black 99% of the time why not wear some cute AF lace-ups with them?



All week I have had questions on the line of ‘Oh wow, so why are you getting baptised?’ and ‘why now?’ To be honest with you, I don’t know why I didn’t do this when I was younger, but after my Nan passed away last year I sort of got talking with the vicar and hey presto, we were booked in. Plus my mum and dad wanted to be baptised too so we just thought ‘why not make it a thing?’ It didn’t take long and was over so quickly but was something we had been wanting to do for years and just never got round to doing.

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So that concludes my very busy week, what have you guys been up to?